2:51 PM

Temari Vs Shikamaru

The final chunnin exam was another battle between the winners of the last round, Shikamaru was matched up with Temari of the Sand Villiage . Temari is a kuniochi who uses wind powers through her fan. As the battle drew on it seemed as if Shikamaru was failing at every strategy he was making. Temari, who is also well in calculating distance noted how he thought this was a ploy to prolong the battle so he could use the sun when it set to give him a wider range on his shadows. Then is a shock twist Shikamaru captured Temari, it turned out the whole battle was about moving her into position for his real attack so she would be standing in front of a dug out tunnel that Naruto had made in an earlier battle and caught her with his Shadows from behind, when she had been focusing on all of his frontal attacks and distractions. It looked as if Shikamaru had won the battle when he turned and forfeited the match, Saying that he had used to much chakra to fight anyone after this match if he continued and that he did not like to hurt or hit women. Shikamaru strategy impressed both enemies and allies alike and due to his proformance after these events would be made into a Chunin by the Hokage.



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