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Shikamaru's Friendship

Shikamaru is a considered one of the konaha strategic genius, through out Naruto we have seen Shikamaru grow as a person and as a ninja under the guidelines of Asuma Sensei. Shikamaru inspires people round him and has had a close friendship with Choji Akimichi and of course Asuma sensei.Shikamaru and Choji met when Choji wanted to play a game of catch with Shikamaru and a group of children, the other children mocked Choji for his fatness and Choji left. Soon later Shikamaru left the group telling them he no longer wanted to play with them, Shikamaru lays on a bench next to Choji and tells him how this is his thinking bench and would Choji like to join him looking at the clouds. Shikamaru has always seen Choji strength and been kind to his friend and Choji has shown the same respect and friendship to Shikamaru. Both had irremovable trust to each other and through Shikamaru's trust Choji got more friends...

Here's a video featuring Shikamaru and Choji friendship:  

Shikamaru Choji Friendship


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