6:03 PM

Attack Of The Undead

During the Fire Temple arc Shikamaru was kept back at Konoha using his strategic mind in the defense around Kohona. The town was attacked by Furido and a team of  rouge Ninja who each held great powers, During the attack all the dead during the Sand and Sound Invasion and including the dead of the towns Furido had attacked all came to life and attacked the village. Shikamaru wished to be in battle field and with hokage's order lead the counter attack and using everyone’s combined strengths was able to push the enemy line back as the other groups delt with the four ninja’s, Later Shikamaru was able to bind the three tales beast back using his Shadow Imitation and bind it back within Sora one of the fire temples young students who had become a friend of Naruto’s the two would later do battle and it would only be Naruto that was able to bring him back from the madness. 


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